Birds Nesting

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When the days are cold and grey it can be hard to imagine when spring will finally begin. Despite frosty mornings, bare trees and little natural food are the birds are in fine tune, singing to attract potential mates and to also signal their territory.


You can encourage birds into your garden by providing plenty of places to nest. What can we do to help nesting birds?


  • Provide nest boxes

A well placed box can mean the difference between nesting success and failure


  • Don’t trim hedges or shrubs

Lots of birds use hedges and shrubs to nest, if you notice a bird building their nest in your hedge or shrub; you’ve got a great excuse to leave this yard work for a couple months.


  • Leave out short pieces of string

A few pieces of short string can come in handy for birds that build woven nests, keep the pieces shorter than two inches to reduce the risk of birds getting tangled.


  • Continue to feed high protein foods such as mealworms and peanuts

Don’t stop feeding your birds, energy packed foods will attract birds to your feeders and their young will learn at an early age where your feeders are.


  • Provide water for bathing and drinking on hot days

If you can provide water all year around, having a birdbath in your backyard may be the first place a parent bird takes their young, Make sure the average water depth is less than three inches, birds appreciate shallow water.

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